1. Design
  • In-house designers can provide fashionable designs to cope with your market needs.
  • European Freelance designers can create Swiss or European touch to your design.
  • We have received many International Awards on watch designs.
  • We make presentable rendering in color, 2D or 3D within hours.
  • With our strong engineering background, we are good at interpreting customers' design and turn it into real products.
    2. Dummy and Prototype
  • As for in-house dummy making, we can make dummies within a day and even steel prototypes within a week with our sophisticated machines.
  • The quality of our prototypes is technically close to the final products.
  • All dummies are created and made at in-house workshop with strict control to ensure discretion and confidentiality.
    3. Component production
  • Thanks to our privileged partnership with major component suppliers, we can provide quality products and guarantee their swift delivery at a reasonable price.
  • Our engineering team is always ready to solve any production problems that might arise.
    4. Quality Control
  • Our experienced technicians and skillful specialists are able to maintain a high quality standard.
  • With the help of advanced equipment, we are able to control and maintain precise dimensions, gold plating thickness, high waterproofness and accuracy of movements.
    5. Services
  • We can provide storage, logistic and package designs to meet the needs of our customers.
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