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Troplong Mondot 卓龍夢特

The vineyard is planted on this plateau where it has optimal sunlight and perfect natural drainage. The average age of the vines are thirty years old, they flourish and reach perfection in a limestone clay soil enhanced with sedimentary fragments of flint and chalk. It’s this secret alchemy which makes the quality of our ‘terroir’. Following a geographical survey of the estate’s terroirs, viticultural methods were reviewed and greatly enhanced. They are now adapted to the soils variation and in accordance with our terroirs: ploughing, cover crop seeding, preparation of fallow soils for vines and a specific protocol for replanting. In one area, a terroir requires a natural grass cover crop; in another, ploughing is necessary to de-compact the soil. Maintaining soil structure and controlling vine vigour have been made a priority, while for the last 20 years or more the use of weed killers has been totally eliminated. For 15 years now, Troplong Mondot set a very sophisticated drainage protocol to overcome the subsoil’s hydromorphy, in order to optimise the sanitary state of the vines.

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Year Size HK$ RP
2002 MG $1450 88

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